What's so good?
By Zach Connett | Mar 14, 2013

One of the newest members of the Maybach Music Group Empire, Rockie Fresh is a young'n from Chi-town who has been gracing the headphones of hip-hop aficionados since 2010.

Electric Highway, his third official mixtape and first project under MMG, is chock-full of dope recordings. "Thick Bitch" may sound familiar to some, as it's laced over a thuggified version of Tycho's "A Walk." The bold sample selection under the echo-filled vocals creates a very nice vibe, great for rolling one up and reminiscing life's beauties"¦ whether that be Thick Bitches or something else is entirely up to you.

Fresh off a SXSW performance (he'll be performing in Austin until March 15), Rockie's next stop is East Lansing, MI, where he'll be opening for Macklemore at Michigan State. With three polished mixtapes under his belt and noteworthy shows in the future, Rockie looks poised to increase his already expanding fan base in 2013.
Zach Connett