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Roosevelt - Around You

Mar 01, 2013

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Why do we like this?
A testament to my inner music geekery, I couldn't even get out the door to a night of fun and live music without blogging about this track first.

Greco-Roman hasn't hit us with a gem in a while. While Hackman's off hacking away, T.E.E.D's off doing dino laundry, Enchante is just waking from his winter slumber, Goddard is giving brilliant interviews... and so on... Roosevelt, a.k.a Marius Lauber, is picking up the slack with "Around You."

It's a blissful, sensual music. It's ambiguously expressive in that I can't decide if it's seductively tempting or sweetly penetrating. Either way, it's making me feel awesome, and as I shimmy my way out the door hopefully you'll be waking up to this amazing tune.

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