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RÜFÜS - Take Me

Mar 26, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Chalk another win up for the Aussie indie scene. It's a tropfest in here with RÃœFÃœS, and it's tunes like this that are getting me through the final days of winter out here in NYC.

The continent known for its white sharks, kangaroos, ginormous coral reef ecosystem, and those funny beer commercials can now write home about something else. What I'm talking about is the endorphin-inducing, oxytocin-increasing, funky-filled sound known as trop-pop.

RÃœFÃœS' sound includes lyrics that take you on a journey, with a twangy hard-hitting bass line, and the melodic hook -- it all seems so familiar. I immediately think of the first time I heard fellow Australians Empire of the Sun, St. Lucia, Parachute Youth, and Dracula Palms. This obviously is not a bad reminisce; "Take Me" is phenomenal ear candy.

I cannot speak to their popularity down under, but RÃœFÃœS seems to be relatively unknown here in the States. Check out their SoundCloud page for some background, and I also highly recommend taking a look at their visual prowess on the "Take Me" music video.

To avoid being a drongo, I'll quit my yabber. Don't be galah, take a listen and let us know what you think. Also check out a remix of this track here!
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