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Rules - I'mPatient

Dec 04, 2012

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Sounds like: Kid Simpl, Burial
Why do we like this?
December is shaping up to be a great month for music. Today's gem is an atmospheric electronica EP from Washington-based producer Rules.

What I know about Rules at this point is that the beatsmith prefers privacy. No artist artwork, not much in terms of a bio. Like many experimental electronica producers, he's a young talent "” 18 to be exact. With several projects/collaborations in the works for 2013, I'm curious to see how his sound evolves from here.

For now, let's soak in his gorgeous EP, which is the perfect soundtrack for all this rain we've been having in the Bay Area. It's got these dark vibes and screwed sample loops that remind me of some of my favorite UK artists. That may be the best compliment I could give a U.S.-based producer.

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