What's so good?
By hmcclure | Sep 18, 2012

Hugely successful locally and abroad, Sarah Blasko is an Australian musical icon. Three years have passed since the release of Blasko's third album - the critically acclaimed As Day Follows Night - but now she's back, and with spectacular results too. Having spent time writing and recording in Stockholm and Bulgaria, the first track from her upcoming self-produced album (I Awake - due out October 26) has just been released.

The album's title track, "I Awake" is a typically soaring and stirring affair, but it's unpredictable in the way it changes course. Commencing with a surging drum beat, the percussion subsides, and keys, strings and Blasko's beautiful husky vocals take over. Perfectly positioned between jazz, pop and classical genres, it showcases Blasko's work with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

This is an eye-opening look at what to expect on I Awake. Once again, Sarah Blasko is ready to blow us all away.
Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
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