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Satin Jackets - You Make Me Feel Good.

Oct 23, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Every post I have read about Satin Jacket's newest track incorporates some variation of "this song makes me feel good" so I am boycotting this sentiment...but...erhm...argh...ooooook, it's just making me feel damn good. There, I said it. Happy now, SJ?

"You Make Me Feel Good" is gaining popularity quicker (and farther) than the German producers apparently anticipated, exhibited by a glowing/appreciative Facebook post expressing their incredulity. It's def nice to read artists' words which are humble and organic. If their character was in any way transferred to "You Make Me Feel Good," it's not hard to imagine that these guys are pure at heart and dance with angels on their off time. How else could they turn a breath of fresh air into music?

On second thought, I do not feel good listening to this track. I feel effing GREAT.

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