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Savoy - AfterShock (Ft. Big Gigantic)

Jan 15, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Brooklyn has really been making some noise recently, and by noise I mean good tunes.  Now Savoy hops on that same Brooklyn train to bring us some fresh jams with their Personal Legend EP.

"AfterShock" got back-to-back listens from me, which ultimately influenced my decision on what song to post from the EP.  Collaborating with Big Gigantic on the track provides your ears with some additional heavy whomps while keeping a steady flow to bounce with. Oh, and then the saxophone comes with the lovin' feeling!

I would also like to give the heads up to the track "The Bridge," -- it was equally entertaining, with a edgy electronic rock feel.

Savoy is currently sharing a free download of the EP over at their website, so hurry on yonder to cop that.  Otherwise peep their SoundCloud page for the new and oldies.
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