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Say Lou Lou - Fool Of Me (Ft. Chet Faker)

May 06, 2013

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Sounds like: Haerts, ASTR, Kate Boy
Why do we like this?
Say Who Who? Where'd these girls come from? And how'd they manage to land the awesome Chet Faker (of Superbowl soundtrack fame) on their track?

Formerly known as Saint Lou Lou, these two Swedish sisters are based in Sweden, but actually have strong Aussie roots. According to Pigeons and Planes, their father Steve Kilbey was "lead singer-songwriter and bass guitarist for legendary Australian alt-rock band The Church." Can't say I've ever heard of the band, but maybe our staff Aussie contributors Hugh or Justin are familiar?

Anywho, bottom line is that the combination of dreamy synth music with Chet Faker's crooning makes for a mostly-downtempo, but certainly interesting track.
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