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Skrillex - Kill Everybody (KOAN Sound Remix)

Nov 03, 2011

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Why do we like this?
KOAN Sound takes one of Skrillex's more famous tracks and does a pretty thorough rework. One of the few remaining components is the ever-catchy "I Want To Kill Everybody In The World" line -- beyond that, it's a jerky, jump-around dubstep remix with a new and funky beat.

KOAN (pronounced Ko-Anne) has been tearing apart Soundcloud recently, and I have no doubt that this will top the charts. Based out of Bristol, the group recently released an EP by the name of Funkmaster. This remix, aptly, has the goal of bringing attention to that EP, and if you're like me, it just did. You can find out more info here, or download this track for free over on Beatport.

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