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Jan 14, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Oh, my my my. It's another Mariah remix. You know we're on it.

This time it's a sexy little slow jam - Mariah's "Bliss" sped up and remixed by London's Snakehips. The track really picks up about 30 seconds in; at that point, they aren't taking it mellow anymore. Repetitive beats wash out Mariah's sweet sensuality, renewing it through an overwhelming flow that exudes joyful excitement. Damn girl, we're in pure-fucking-bliss.

I don't know too much about Snakehips, but I did really enjoy their track "DAYS WITH U" and the recent Wilde Belle remix of "It's Too Late." Be sure to check out both on their SoundCloud.

This is Snakehips' new material from an upcoming EP. It'll be released after 5,000 "likes" on their Facebook. They're already at 1550... you know what to do. What are you waiting for? This'll fulfill your fantasies. Head on over and help us all get one step closer to hearing those lovely jams. You can resume your shuffling after you open a new tab...
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