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Soft Bullets - Posterity

Feb 11, 2013

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Sounds like: MuteMath, Headphone
Why do we like this?

Soft Bullets didn't email me, and I didn't find them on another blog. Nah, found them while watching a skateboard video on reddit. I can't even remember the video but...the song jumped out.

I started to do some research, and quickly discovered that they hadn't really been "discovered" yet. Sure they've got a splattering of social followers, but things are relatively quiet in the blogosphere. So, here goes!

Soft Bullets are sort of like Postal Service in that there are two members who live very far apart (Christopher Wall is in the UK, while Dan Capaldi is in the US). They've been going at it since 2011, and recently released an EP titled Hyperreality. "Posterity" was unveiled more recently, but you can still stream the EP on Soundcloud.

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