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What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Oct 22, 2012 | Total plays: 68,827

I've always liked Solange better than Beyonce... well, let's just say that applies to the post-Destiny's Child Beyonce, because there's no denying that my 14-year-old self got down with "Say My Name" just as much as every other teenie bopper on the planet.

Solange seems to have her ear more on the music scene outside of Top 40, winning me over with her awesome cover of the Dirty Projector's "Stillness is the Move."

My friend recently sent me a remix of Solange's newly released R&B track "Losing You," produced by Vancouver-based, Swiss-born musician Cyril Hahn. The track is mutated, vocals slowed to an unisex tone and a delicately complicated beat. It's like that enigmatic crush you can't understand or shake, and yet you still love. Hahn is clearly drawn to the R&B edits as his SoundCloud page is decorated with remixes of not only Solange, but Destiny's Child and Mariah. Viva la R&B remix.

Make sure to check out the original track which I actually like, and dig the quirky music video even more.
Elizabeth Walker
she told me add the bass line | and everything would be fine