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Spector - Grey Shirt & Tie

Nov 30, 2011

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Fred MacPherson, the properly dapper frontman of Spector, sure knows how to rock a suit and his trademark shades. A noteworthy character to say the least, his style icons vary from Bryan Ferry to Dr. Crippen and describes his ideal fan as "someone with low self esteem so we can lure them into a false sense of security, mold their dreams to fit in with our pithy compositions, and ultimately, destroy their lives." Duly noted for his characterful voice that recalls Britain's heady power pop days, MacPherson is not shy when it comes to admitting his lyrical affinity for Drake.

The band's new song "Grey Shirt & Tie" (produced by Arcade Fire and The Horrors collaborator Craig Silvey) is an intriguing melodic narrative of the possible rekindling of a friendship over atmospheric cuts, swirling melancholy synth beats, and lustrous keyboards.

Way more restrained than their previous work, the band has done away with the heavy instruments, leaving a wall of sounds of beeps and chimes to cushion Fred's wistful despondency.

It's also helped by this excellent video by Swedish director Mattias Erik Johansson. Check out the Spector-tacular video below:

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