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Standish/Carlyon - Nono/Yoyo

Mar 14, 2013

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Standish/Carlyon is an Australian duo who recently returned to their hometown of Melbourne. Living over in London for the past few years, Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon were both part of the shadowy rock group Devastations before splitting off on their own. Recorded in London before their move home, their debut album Deleted Scenes will be released soon.

"Nono/Yoyo" is first single from Deleted Scenes, and sets the scene for what is bound to be an album of late-night inspired jams. Powered by funky bass riffs and glossy synth, the track is topped off with Standish's heartrending, edgy vocals which combine perfectly with the computer-love theme.

As a big Twin Shadow fan, I'm immediately reminded of his work "“ especially his Forget album.  If that's your thing too, I suggest you give this a try.


Deleted Scenes is out via Chapter Music on May 17.
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