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Starfucker - Leave It All Behind

Dec 20, 2012

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We're getting closer and closer to the release of Starfucker's newest full length album Miracle Mile! Just the other day, they put up the first single and our first taste of their newest material featuring contributions, from their entire touring band. Now, they released a second single titled "Leave It All Behind," which has a very similar sound to "While I'm Alive."

The single starts with a scratchy sound  that ends up being a percussion instrument you hear throughout the rest of the song. There are a few breakdowns, leaving the vocals by themselves before exploding into a dance-y chorus, with the rest of the band all coming in at the same time. I really like the little outro that they include near the end, with some Daft Punk-esque synths and a nice drum machine roll. They then end the song with an almost M83-sounding vocal rift, which seems to be a style that Starfucker is pursuing with this new album.

Stay tuned for more from the album, as it comes out in early February!
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Sounds like: Passion Pit, MGMT