What's so good?
By Hannah Simon | Jul 24, 2011

Christiana said it best when she described Summer Camp: "With so many bands endlessly attempting to encapsulate the spacey, entrancing, upbeat, synth-soaked music that overtook that decade, Summer Camp has effortlessly (and modestly) leaped right over everyone else."

The London duo (Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey) are gearing up to release their debut LP, although they need some help from their listeners to finish the project (in exchange for some goodies, of course). "Better Off WIthout You" is their first single released from the upcoming album , and it keeps the electro 1980s vibe that their previous EP, Young, showcased so well.

Listen, and if you like it, consider donating to help move the release along.
Hannah Simon
Author: Hannah Simon
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