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Sun City - High

Jan 15, 2013

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Why do we like this?

Having featured Perth-based Sun City three times last year, they're back again with a beautiful new video for the previously released track "High" (off their Set Alight EP - which can be found on their SoundCloud). It's been a huge few months for the electro pop duo, with the last few months of the year including a busy local touring schedule coupled with an appearance at SalmonFest - in Zimbabwe!

Perhaps my favorite release thus far, "High" is a more emotive track than some of their other up-tempo tracks. Still synth-driven, it's smoother in its make-up while still maintaining the energy that is becoming synonymous with Sun City's work.  The video, written and directed by Brett Hamilton, is situated in the breath-taking Canadian Rockies. The crew braved -30 Fahrenheit weather to create a story which captures the all-child cast in a darker, adult world - and the result connects perfectly with the music.

2013 will see the Sun City begin work on their debut LP as their star continues to rise.

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