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Sun City - Set Alight

Sep 20, 2012

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Perth duo Sun City are quickly becoming an Indie Shuffle favorite. Their upbeat electro pop tunes "City Lights" and "The Follower" were staples on our popular lists when we covered them earlier in the year. Their EP Set Alight was released recently, and after launching it in their home town, it's only a matter of time before they tour nationally.

The launch was captured with a live recording of their latest single (the EP's title track) "Set Alight," highlighting their growing local following. Once again, this track is set to be another dance floor favorite from what I like to call Western Australia's answer to Passion Pit.

Sun City aren't doing anything new, but that doesn't matter. Their music is fun and addictive, and that should be applauded. Perth locals can catch them at this year's Parklife Festival (alongside Passion Pit, Justice and The Presets).

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