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Sweater Beats - I Got U

Nov 17, 2012

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Sounds like: Bahwee, Sango, Bondax, Perseus
Why do we like this?
By now you should all know I'm a huge fan of Sweater Beats. The guy just puts out fucking spectacular tracks. He's like King Midas of beats -- everything he produces turns to gold.

Sweater Beats is a Brooklyn-based DJ who creates disco funky lovestep. "I Got U" is bass gold, rhythmic electronic that's tagged on SoundCloud as "dim the lights." No surprise someone ended up commenting something along the lines of "sweater sex." His other tracks are equally sexy, check out "MLLN DLLR" and "Make A Move."

The track is available for free download by "liking" him on Facebook. If you haven't done it already, I highly suggest you do. Liking him on Facebook not only means you'll get the track, but it also gives you the heads-up on all his upcoming releases, which means less time reading and more time listening. Get on it.
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