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Sweater Beats - MLLN DLLR

Oct 10, 2012

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Sounds like: Bahwee, Sango, Bondax
Why do we like this?
Here's another killer tune from rising NYC DJ Sweater Beats. This track remixes some Destiny's Child and was on Annie Mac over here in the UK. Trust me, it's still worth the listen. Better yet, head on over and watch the music video. It's about an intense set of lesbians making out. I've got to agree with this YouTube commenter, it's most definitely the inside of every young boy's brain encapsulated in a video and song.

In a nutshell, this is a smooth trap track. As he said himself, the video is probably the most pleasant epileptic experience you're going to have, so share it with your parents. (Or not.)

Sweater Beats is Antonio Cuna, a DJ affiliated with the Huh, What and Where crew who was recently picked up by Bondax's label Just Us. He makes music "to make your booty bounce" and has been putting out some great soulful tracks featuring awesome samples. You can find out more about him on theHW&W websiteand purchase this track on iTunes.
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