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TCTS - These Heights (Detroit Swindle Mile High Club Remix)

Feb 06, 2014

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Why do we like this?
A bit late, but this is definitely my favorite remix of 2013.

From producing for fun to touring around the world playing packed gigs, Detroit Swindle are a hot property in the global house scene. After listening to their music, it's not difficult to understand why: the Dutch duo have an incredible talent for making euphoric house music.

It's melodic, it's fun, and I can't wait to hear more. 2014 is an exciting year for the two with even more shows around the world. Lets hope there's a lot more music lined up as well.

Be warned: this highly addictive track is only a 2 minute preview of the original. If you'd like to buy the full version head over to Beatport, iTunes, or Surus (for the vinyl).
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