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Teen Daze - Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)

Jun 28, 2012

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Why do we like this?
As the seasons change and my musical tastes change with them, it's nice to know that a Teen Daze track still has the power to wrap me in its chillwave arms and hug the stress right out of my day. I find myself quite entranced with this particular remix of "Brooklyn Sunburn" and feel it just may trump the original.

Philadelphia-based producer Lushlife adds some much-needed emotional depth to "Brooklyn Sunburn" with his superb vocal samples and melodic flairs. Teen Daze provided the foundation, but Lushlife has made this tune his own. It's raspy, yet instead of drowning in all the sound I find myself uplifted. Here's hoping Teen Daze and Lushlife end up working together sometime soon.
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