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Tel Aviv - Thriller

Jan 18, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Welcome Tel Aviv, who, when prompted for their names, said, "YOU CAN NEVER KNOW! But I'm Tom Briggs and my pal is Jack King." Their songs have been on repeat unabashedly for the past few days now, and I think my roommates are coming around to them.

Deciding to hitch a free ride on an international cruise, all these longtime friends needed to do was feign their 80s cover band and DJ skills to wealthy elderly people and they would be set to live the life any completely unqualified teenager dreamed of. Eventually people caught on, and at the port of Tel Aviv they were physically removed from the ship after trying to sneak people aboard. Left in a foreign country, they began actually playing music until they could borrow enough money to traipse back home. Safe in London, the boys continued making music, and now we have "Thriller."

"Thriller" escalates with layers of foggy electronica slowly waking to a sleepy voice that tells us about... well, what exactly? The voice behind this track, Tom, says, "It's loosely based around a girl I was living with in Bangkok. I kind of put myself in her tiny bedroom when I was writing it, [filed with] candles, smoke, show boxes stuffed with jewels. She was a dancer that sold pills in clubs and spent all the money on luxury items. I found it funny and strange... it's kind of about that bedroom." Enchanting. And so is the song.
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