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Texture Like Sun - Bottle

Aug 29, 2012

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Having released an album back in 2007 under the moniker The Commas, Melbourne's Mark Pearl is all set to release a follow-up album (due out later in the year) as Texture Like Sun. Produced by local producer Count Bounce, the album's first single is "Bottle" - an intriguing mix of folk and blues.

An incredibly smooth track, "Bottle" touches on the many forms of addiction and how they affect us. Producer Count Bounce is part of Melbourne hip-hop group TZU, and his production gives the track a truly unique edge. Building steadily, layers of sound are introduced throughout, with Pearl's haunting vocals fitting perfectly with the staggered beats as the track climaxes.

The interesting mix of styles makes this a real stand out track. With the music landscape so saturated, something a little different really goes a long way. It'll be interesting to hear further work from Texture Like Sun.
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