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What's so good?
By Jason Grishkoff | Feb 20, 2014 | Total plays: 1,950

A band with the word "shuffle" in their name? How could we possibly say no!

While The Aston Shuffle aren't newcomers to Indie Shuffle, I do believe this is our first opportunity to exclusively premiere one of their singles. And boy, oh boy!, is it a good one.

"Never Take It Away" will be included on the band's upcoming album Photographs, which includes contributions from the likes of Kaelyn Behr, Joel Compass, Elizabeth Rose, Lila Gold and Youngblood Hawke's Alice. Oh, and Mayer Hawthorne.

Speaking of the latter, his contribution to this single is actually one the best I've heard him do. While we clearly shouldn't neglect his individual talent, I have little doubt that he would sound as good if it weren't for The Aston Shuffle's contribution.

Keen to hear more? The album's out March 28th, and can be pre-ordered here.
Jason Grishkoff
Former Googler, currently working full-time on indie Shuffle and a .gif creation website called Giflike. I spend my days chasing summer -- I'll be in ... learn more →