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The Dead Heads - When I'm Dead

Dec 17, 2012

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Brothers Oscar and Ali Jeffery have been working on their project, The Dead Heads, since the band's "conception" in 2001. They started gaining momentum in 2009, when the Jefferys moved to Sydney and started collecting band members, mostly through chance meetings. At this stage, they began developing and refining their eclectic sound (a mix of 60s hippie flip and 90s grunge), which recently culminated in two album releases "“ in the same month!

September saw the Dead Heads' Bandcamp stuffed with 22 tracks recorded over the past two years. Featured single "When I'm Dead" is pretty typical of the band's established sound. This track is a great starting point for your introduction to The Dead Heads, a fuzzy, fast-paced grunge-fest which also touches on modern surf pop (see Wavves).

As mentioned, their Bandcamp is brimming with tracks like this, so make sure to visit if you like this band as much as I do.
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