What's so good?
By Bri Guy | Jan 18, 2013

The Death Of Pop is made up of Angus James and Oliver James, and they're from London, England. Other than those two facts this band is bit of mystery. The may be cousins or brothers with same last name, or James may by a very common name in London. Their music lands somewhere in between shoegaze and dream pop; they're definitely for fans of Wild Nothing and Twin Cabins.

"Girl I Can't Forget" is a shoegaze track with bouncy guitar play, chill keyboard work and reverbing vocals. In total, the band has released four total tracks (including this one) to thier SoundCloud page.

If you're feeling it, grab The Death Of Pop's songs off SoundCloud or on Bandcamp at "name your price." And be sure to follow them on Facebook as we wait for their next move.
Bri Guy
Author: Bri Guy
I live in South Florida where I attend concerts and support local artist.