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The Dodos - Troll Nacht

Jul 13, 2009

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The Dodos are back! One of my favorite bands of 2008, these San Francisco natives have dropped their third full-length album, and while it doesn't quite match up to 2008's Visiter, I have to say that I'm not disappointed. Their typical slow-build-up approach packs all the energy it used to, and It's certainly one of those albums that you'll be hard-pressed to avoid foot-tapping to. The bottom line, however, is that they haven't changed their sound much.

Reading around, it's become apparent that the once-duo has now become a trio, with 21-year-old Keaton Snyder backing up on the vibraphone. I have no doubt he makes for a more robust touring team, but with the exception of the song 'This is a Business', The Dodos seem to have maintained their sound. And while they've played a number of larger venues throughout the U.S. (particularly in S.F.), I'm just not quite sure they've struck the right chord on this album to break out (oh, but they already have, you  might say!). All that aside, I'd still recommend you check out this album.  They're still a band that I enjoy to listen to--though Visiter takes the pie.

"while indie rock's go-to guy, phil ek (built to spill, fleet foxes, the shins), hopped behind the boards this time, the dodos wildly-percussive style is still centered around two key elements: the punchy percussion of logan kroeber and the fahey-infused finger-picking of frontman meric long. oh sure, you'll hear a horn blast here and there, but its never enough to distract you from the groups riffs and rolls." -bolachas gratis
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