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The Grouch & Eligh - All In

Aug 14, 2009

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"The Grouch & Eligh" hit it hard with "Say G & E," the fourth volume of their collaborations which began in 2000 following the explosion of their respective underground careers. On the new album, "The Grouch & Eligh" flow harmoniously and are backed by some incredible production including a "Flaming Lips" sample on the title track "Say G & E". The duo expand their rhymes and repertoire by inviting legends such as "Slug," "Gift of Gab," "Sage Francis," and "Pigeon John" to join in on the fun. Check out "All In" for one of the most happy0go-lucky uplifting tracks in recent memory. The track depicts the life stories of "Grouch & Eligh" in a classically positive fashion. The lyrical fluidity of their opposing styles in conjunction with the thoughtfulness of their rhymes will leave any hip hop fan hankerin' for more...

"Say G&E!" clearly shows that these veteran artists have reached a level of maturity and insightfulness that goes far beyond their other projects. not only is it apparent that the grouch and eligh still flourish after all these years, but the duo has only grown with eligh's production skills and the grouch's unforgotten signature style. with its extensive list of top rated collaborators (Slug, Sage Francis, Gift of Gab, Amp Live all on one album-ridiculous) and the variety in production, "Say G&E!" proves that "The Grouch & Eligh's" partnership is still alive and thriving while only adding to their continued success. - RAPreviews.com
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