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The Kite String Tangle - Given the Chance

Jul 13, 2013

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The Kite String Tangle is the project of Brisbane producer Danny Harley. Harley has his fingers in a number of music pies, also operating as frontman for indie pop band Pigeon -- a completely different style of music from what he's begun with his solo project. Launching just over a year ago, he's already supported the likes of Gold Panda and New Navy, and now looks to continue his rapid rise with the release of his new single.

"Given the Chance" is his first solo release for the year, after dropping a number of remixes earlier in '13. The fact that Harley has a background in composition is not a surprise, given the structured way this track put together. You'll immediately note comparisons to the angelic sounds of Active Child as the song grows steadily towards the rapturous climax. I really dislike the overuse of the word "ethereal" in music writing, but in this case, there aren't very many other words to describe it.

Another excellent Australian electronic act, one who's definitely worth the niche he's quickly carving out for himself. You can check out more of his work (plus remixes) on his SoundCloud.
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