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The Laurels - Tidal Wave

May 10, 2012

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Why do we like this?
I didn't go through a grunge phase in my youth, but have come to appreciate the genre more and more. Along with fellow Sydney-based bands like Ghostwood (and to a lesser extent Deep Sea Arcade and the Kill City Creeps), The Laurels are a good example of how grunge is experiencing a renaissance in Australia. After releasing their debut EP Mesozoic last year, they four-piece will soon be releasing their first full-length album.

Grunge always seems to undersell the talent of better bands, and the same can be said about The Laurels. Slices of psychedelia, pop, shoegaze and blues are also prominent throughout, giving The Laurels a truly appealing style.

Current single "Tidal Wave" (which will be on the aforementioned LP) is a fantastic track. Fuzzed out with plenty of reverb, the song goes for well over six minutes "“ it's easy to get swept away in the powerful guitar riffs, the haunting harmonies and the prickly, driving rhythms. The various elements combine perfectly.

July is the month to look for their album. It will be eagerly anticipated by this new grunge fan.
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