What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Jul 07, 2013

Maybe I'm going soft, but I can't get enough of these floaty female-vocals-prog-rock type songs. Maybe it's because a woman knows how to get down to the soul of things, and maybe I need that right now. Maybe it's because, rather than escaping  in 4-to-the-floor house hypnosis, it's refreshing to hear music address a real issue.

The ambiguous group known as The Night VI fashions a common story of love and loss amongst layers of ambient guitars and silky vocals. It speaks to the process of being alone, that it's all too easy to romanticize past loves and torture ourselves on why things didn't work out. While "Thinking Of You" may summon some of those old demons, facing those fears is sometimes the best antidote.

Their debut album, along with "Thinking Of You," will be available August 12. Follow them on Facebook for updates and Tumblr for some rad imagery. Speaking of rad imagery, scope out the video below -- it's like a romantic renaissance.

Rachel Skotarczyk
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