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The Octopus Project - Sharpteeth

Jul 02, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Austin's The Octopus Project are one of my favorite bands. They continually put out beautiful psychedelic music with each release, and with single "SharpTeeth," it seems their newest album will not see them slowing down at all.

They incorporate a lot of electronic elements to their music, with whirling synths and looping bleeps and blops. They usually bring in electric guitars to send the song into a cacophony of wonderful noise. As is the case with this tune featured, they also love to bring in Yvonne Lambert and her impressive control over the theremin to pulse melodies over the rumbling sound.

I can't wait to hear this record... and it's already available at their site for pre-order, so go ahead and get this baby!
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