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The Peach Kings - Like A Stone

Jan 29, 2013

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Why do we like this?

I have a small girl crush on Paige Wood of The Peach Kings.

Okay, so I lied. I have a huge girl crush on her. Also, not to sound creepy, but while seeing her live this past weekend in San Francisco, the thought "I want to be her!" definitely crossed my mind. Paige has it all: she's gorgeous, has an incredibly rich, sultry voice (for someone so tiny!), rocks out on the guitar, and oh yeah -- she gets to record music with the talented Steven Trezevant, the other half of The Peach Kings duo. Lucky, lucky lady.

But while luck might have a lot to do with how the two originally met (read an interview with them here), it has nothing to do with how incredibly brilliant the two are together. Their sound, coined "bourbon doo-wop rock" by fellow Shuffler Jeff Levy, is polished to perfection, even when performing at a small venue like Milk Bar.

Paige and Steven were joined by drummer Marc Cazorla, and their performance was mesmerizing and so much fun. Playing a 45-minute set (too short, guys! I want more Peach Kings!), they got through most of their new EP, Handsome Moves -- including my personal favorite "Like A Stone," featured here -- and also played some lo-fi rock from their older EP, Trip Wop. Paige and Steven's vocals are well-matched, as is their on-stage presence (Paige is sexy without being overtly so; Steven jams out on guitar in the background and holds the crowd's attention all the while).

Listening to their older music, you can see how their sound has progressed (check out all their releases on their website). I'm extremely confident that The Peach Kings will go far, and am excited to see where their fame might take them. Headlining summer festivals? I wouldn't be surprised.

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