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What's so good?
By Anu Rana | Feb 07, 2013 | Total plays: 25,686

I love it when music has an attitude problem like a teenage child; you can't argue back with because they are so damn clever. As if the original of The Presets' "Ghosts" wasn't brilliant enough, this remix by Hermitude combines indie electronic pop with trap with whatever the &$%* else it feels like to create a modern day emo anthem.

The original track is the anthem of an older man looking back upon his past with some regret as he sings, "Once I was a very young man, and very young man are none too clever... Now I'm coming on back / Help me up move right, left foot forward." The remix mangles the words, as the innocence and passion of youth fight back.

For a completely different take on the original, check out the Señor Coconut remix of "Ghosts." Visit iTunes to check out the rest of The Presets' album, Pacifica, and hear more from Hermitude over on SoundCloud.
Anu Rana
Author: Anu Rana
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