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The Presets - Ghosts (Senor Coconut Remix)

Oct 19, 2012

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Why do we like this?

A recent obsession, paired with a dream, has me fervently collecting photos from African Lodge's and far away homes in places like Cuba and Greece. Aside from just wishful thinking, the plan is to make these places a reality.

The key to making this happen? Whatever your dream may be, truly believe you're already there. Feel that emotion and if you need a little nudge in the right direction, what better way to conjure up an emotion but with music.

As true as thoughts are things, and with my dream in mind, the world uncovered a new release from the Australian duo, The Presets: a Señor Coconut remix of "Ghosts."

The original "Ghosts" has an anthemic down-under tribal vibe that makes any warm-blooded soul want to kick off their shoes and dance around a fire. Authenticating that imagery to the nth degree, the Señor Coconut remix transports you to the 1930's, hunting wildebeest in Tanzania with Hemingway as your spirited guide. Oh, the sweet sounds of adventure.

However vibrant you imagination, poor yourself a gin and tonic and kick back with this "Ghosts" remix!

Pacifica is out now via Modular People.

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