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Ra Ra Riot - Oh, La (The Submarines Remix)

Feb 10, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Way back in 2009, Ra Ra Riot and The Submarines got together to do a cross-remix. That is, The Submarines remixed Ra Ra Riot's "Oh, La" while Ra Ra Riot remixed The Submarines' "Submarine Symphonika." Now that the two artists are touring the West Coast together, these two tracks have resurfaced (this is certainly my first time encountering them).

It probably comes as no surprise that I prefer "Submarine Symphonika" of the two songs (why else would I make it SOTD?). I find it to be a lot more original than the "Oh, La" remix for a couple of reasons -- particularly the overhaul of the backing instrumentals, which result in a much more upbeat track than the original.

You can grab both for free download here.

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