What's so good?
By hmcclure | Jun 25, 2012

A combination of one of Australia's most marketable talents (The Temper Trap) and one of its most intriguing (Chet Faker) was always bound to garner terrific results. These two Indie Shuffle darlings have combined forces, with Faker remixing "Trembling Hands" - one of the singles off the Temper Trap's recently released (self-titled) album.

If you were hoping for any similarity to the epic proportions of the original, you'll be disappointed. Faker, already known for his minimalist mixes and his own intriguing EP Thinking in Textures has completely warped this track. Instead of the rolling keys and guitar lines and the echoing choruses, Faker has instead settled on a rather noir texture to his version. Typically smoky and downbeat, the biggest change is in the vocals of Dougy Mandagi, which are almost unrecognisable after Faker's tampering. It's refreshing to hear a remix which completely re-invents a track.

Currently touring together, I'm assuming the Temper Trap approve of this remix, and so do I! In fact, I prefer it to the original "“ you make up your own mind.
Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
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