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TheBlack&TheWhite - Future

Jan 29, 2013

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Sounds like: Passion Pit, Miike Snow
Why do we like this?
When one door closes another one opens. Such is the case for Julio Tavarez and Cliff Sarcona. After their previous indie rock band, As Tall As Lions (ATAL), amicably split up in 2010, Julio and Cliff have embarked on new adventures together, creating experimental/instrumental music for a band named Kilimanjaro and now today for an indie rock band TheBlack&TheWhite.

TheBlack&TheWhite have just released their first single called "Future," which has a futuristic upbeat poppy vibe to it.  Having followed ATAL since 2004, I can tell that TheBlack&TheWhite are forging a totally new and different genre for themselves while keeping all their good qualities from ATAL.

Definitely keep these guys on your watch list, as I am sure they will bring more goodness to our ears in 2013.  Pop on over to iTunes to purchase their new jam, or stream the single on their SoundCloud page.
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