What's so good?
By David Peter Simon | Dec 16, 2012

Hemsworth at it again, this time with a sweet remix of Tinashe's "Boss." There's a lovely, slow build up until about 40 seconds in, when it really gets started with the kicks and hi-hats. Nice little change to the chorus, too.

I'm really digging how Hemsworth has given this track a whole new electronic vibe, uplifting it from its relatively mundane pace. You know, I don't actually hate the Tinashe track, but then again I love crappy top 40 R&B. I did find it hilarious that someone commented on Tinashe's YouTube music video that he went here because of the Hemsworth remix - but realized the "song was shit compared to the remix." Hemsworth does have a distinct ability to make original tracks sound terrible in comparison.

Here at Indie Shuffle, we're big fans of Ryan Hemsworth. He's a Candian producer who specializes in bootlegs of hip-hop, borderline future garage. You can check out some of our other reviews; I'm particularly biased towards "Thinkin Bout You," but also recently dug Mikky Ekkos "Pull Me Down."

You can listen to more Hemsworth music on SoundCloud.