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Titanics - Cars

Feb 07, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Do you remember when we hyped a track called "Beacons" by Titanics back in August? The man behind the moniker is Mark Lombardo, a talented New York musician.

If you've never heard of Titanics, then now is the perfect time to become acquainted. The act's grown a little since August, shifting from mainly Mark running solo to a trio that includes guitarist Derek Rogers and drummer John Daley. For accuracy, Daley plays drums for Titanics' live shows, while Mark uses a drum machine for official releases (like what you're hearing right now). He also handles vocals and keyboard "” quite well, I might add.

Titanics has a new album called Soft Treasure that's set to drop on Friday, February 15, 2013. "Cars" has me thinking it's going to be well worth a few listens. Such a dynamic sound. I want to say it has those chilled out Tycho vibes. You'll never hear me complain about that.
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