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Titanics - Two Days

Feb 15, 2013

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Titanics made a big splash last week when we premiered the trio's tune, "Cars." It's a dreamy synth-pop track off the New York-based act's new album, Soft Treasure, which is officially available today.

"Cars" hinted at what I expected would be a heavy dose of Tycho-like vibes sprinkled throughout Soft Treasure. Well, I was partially right. Certain cuts, like "treasuresoft," fit that bill nicely. Other instrumentals, like the chilly "Table Bet," have a distinct hip-hop flavor that cannot be so easily boxed in, and have me interested in how Titanics might evolve in the months to come.

Featured track "Two Days" draws on crisp drums, warm synths, and big guitar riffs to great effect. Mark Lombardo's vocals pair nicely with Derek Rogers' guitar work. "Two Days" makes for a great closing track to Soft Treasure, which is one of the more dynamic releases I've heard this year.

Titanics and Soft Treasure are waiting for you in Bandcamp land. Pro-tip: use the code wildcreatures at checkout to get 30% off the album.
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