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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - I'll Come Back 4 U

Feb 21, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Unknown Mortal Orchestra has released a video for their track "Strangers Are Strange" this past weekend, and at first, I was speechless. Really. I couldn't understand what the video was about, but then when I watched it again, I realized that it doesn't even matter what it's about because it's actually kind of funny in the most ridiculous kind of way.

The video takes place on top of some buildings where some sketchy deals are about to take place between two sets of dudes. What kind of deals? I don't know and will probably never know. Over on the roof of the next building are two spies that suck at their job. Exposing their presence in plain sight while trying to remain inconspicuous, all while taking pictures of the aforementioned sketchiness. There are some simple captioned conversations and by the end of the video, all parties involved have acknowledged each other's existence and the deals are squandered.

The video closes in a really awkward introduction of each character introducing themselves in a lip-synced manner that obviously does not fit the caption. Kind of awkward, kind of humorous. If you're into a confusing, nondirectional, dry humored Wes Anderson style of a music video, give Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "Strangers Are Strange" a go.

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