What's so good?
By kaelasaez | Aug 15, 2013

Upside Drown is a dynamic duo from a magical place that many hope to go to and only a few will visit. At least they are willing to give us a taste of what it's like to live in such a fantastical world by sharing their adventures through their albumĀ Mood Music.

Spreading its wings across the sky, soaring over dreamy soundscapes of tormented fairies and well-weathered unicorns, single "Go" is a musical incantation all of its own. Casting spells over our hearts with intrinsic rhythmic movement and lofty, soulful female vocals, Ro-Z Steffy and Colleen Johnson are musical wizards in their own right.

Capturing the hearts of all those who listen, it is no question that these two ladies have created a spell that truly works, conjuring up emotions and steering us away from objective reality. Upside Drown takes you to a land of no rules and no judgement, where you have the freedom to play as you please. It's a place we all hope to visit one day. Check out their website for more info!