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Valentin Stip - Hiathaikm

Jun 22, 2012

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Why do we like this?
All the Nicolas Jaar fans out there, this post is for you. If unfamiliar, please meet Valentin Stip - Canadian resident, Parisian by birth, and experimental producer by heart. With an incredibly smooth sound, Val has great potential to make quite the name in the downtempo, horizontal electronic scene. Clearly Nico agrees, since he picked up Valentin Stip a while ago on Clown & Sunset.

Already with an awesome EP under his belt (listen here), Valentin Stip just loaded a new track on his SoundCloud called "Hiathaikm." Although I would cringe to attempt to pronounce the title with any sophistication, it's an amazing auditory ride through the 5 plus minutes.

With a sultry and seductive string beginning, a slow beat marries throughout with mystic vocal samples and ominous piano. It's lounge music at its best; you can almost feel the smoke rings swirling and the high ball glass in hand.
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