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VIADUCTS - Cold Nights (Plaitum Remix)

Feb 13, 2013

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Why do we like this?

At first listen, you might think this is another side project from Jamie xx.  While they both hail from the UK, the duo responsible for this instrumental odyssey is made up of two teens: Abi Dersiley and Matt Canhham.  The young production team have yet to release their highly anticipated debut album, but sources have confided in me that this electronic band is the future of music.  They both share producing duties, but other tracks also showcase Abi's wonderfully soulful vocals as well.

A subtle conga beat resonates throughout this minimalist track as some distorted bass echoes in and out.  The light jangling of guitar riffs also add a dose of flavor to this simple yet complex work of art.  Stay tuned, as this is definitely the first of many hits for this young new band.

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