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Warm Soda - Reaction

Oct 15, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Oakland's Matthew Melton has a new project called Warm Soda, his first since the dissolving of his previous band Bare Wires. They caught my eye when I learned they were touring with the great garage rock band Thee Oh Sees as well as another garage favorite, Burnt Ones. These bands all sound different, but can still be categorized as very similar: aggressive and high energy.

Warm Soda's first single, "Reaction," is a fun tune with a lot of muted strumming on the guitar and a punching snare drum beat. Melton sings "Don't you want a reaction / Yes I think so," as if he is inviting all of us to join in on his enthusiasm. They have a record coming out very soon, put out by Thee Oh Sees' Castle Face records. I look forward to hearing much more from them!
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