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Wayward - Marvin

Feb 26, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Do you remember a track called "Only Flaw" that we hyped several days back? It was the debut single from an English production duo named Wayward. I still don't know much about the men behind the moniker, but I can say that Wayward reps the hell out of London and Leeds with their ambient dance tunes.

I can also say that I'm stoked to premiere their new single. "Marvin" reminds me of a wonderful Cosmic Kids track titled "Freight to My Soul." I used the word graceful in complimenting Cosmic Kids production on that release. Same goes for Wayward and their ambient style. "Marvin" moves at its own pace, vibing with such a gentle, authentic warmth.

Download "Marvin" for free on Wayward's Facebook.
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