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Whirr - Drain

Jul 11, 2013

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Why do we like this?
On a rainy, cloudy day, this is what is piquing my interest. Whirr's new single, "Drain," is a reverberated melancholy track that oozes despair. Just how I like it.

This sludgy shoegaze song is drawn-out and menacing, but in a good way. As a six-piece band, I find it more impressive to keep a slower pace while still finding room for each instrument to have a noticeable effect on the execution of the song. There's a lot of conviction that radiates from this track, along with a lot of emotion and heartache, making it relatable to basically everyone.

Whirr is on the right path to respectable and substantial music credentials. Catch them on tour this summer for some more drone goodness.
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