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Who Killed Bruce Lee - We Could Be Lovers

Jun 12, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I love when guitars and synths meld together perfectly, because they create such an attractive combination that can still sound new and exciting. That is exactly the case with "We Could Be Lovers" by Beirut-based band Who Killed Bruce Lee, who have adopted that combination as their signature sound.

"We Could Be Lovers" is off their recently released EP, and I've been listening to it repetitively for a couple of days now, apparently because I have found myself taking longer walks in Beirut, and needed something that reflects exactly what everything around me might sound like, if it could sing.

The tune is vibrant, with such a homogeneous blend between guitars, synths, and vocals -- in particular those funky high-pitched vocal melodies. I can guarantee that your feet will instantly get moving the minute the opening riff starts!

Who Killed Bruce Lee's self entitled EP is available on SoundCloud, so you listen to all the tracks on it there, and I have a feeling you'll be looking forward to what these guys are up to next!
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